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帰国の準備しよう! (Let's Get Ready To Head Back!)

I can definitely tell that my time here in Japan is almost at an end, because just last week we had a Pre-Departure Orientation. Basically telling us what plans we had to cancel, forms we had to fill out, how to check out of our residence, stuff like that. So this is it, gang......three and a half weeks and I'll be coming back home. I'm really excited, but also a little sad too. Just in the past month I've finally begun connecting better with some of the other international students, and I'll miss them. But my desire to be able to sleep in my own bed at home greatly outweighs that.

The big thing I did for this update was going to an event at Nagoya Castle, which is about twenty minutes by subway from my residence. When the NUPACE office put the info about the event out there, all they really said was that it was called "Nagoya Castle Duskoi! Rave 2008", and they didn't really say what was going to happen there. "Duskoi" is a word used traditionaly in the Japanese sport of sumo wrestling, so obviously there would be some kind of sumo event. I had no idea how sumo and rave could be combined, but I thought it sounded interesting so I bought a ticket.

The event took place last Saturday. I had heard that some others I knew would be going, so I just went on my own and decided to meet up with them whenever I found them. I'll let my pictures show mainly how the event was, but as it turns out it was sumo matches along with DJs playing music rave-style during them. Most of the people doing the sumo seemed to be college players.....I have no idea if they were from particular schools or what, but it was very interesting. Here are some pictures I took of the event.

Beyond that, I've been doing a lot of cleaning this week. Basically to prepare for the inevitable room check, though that's several weeks away still. One of my classes is already finished, and three more will finish up next week. There's still one class that I have to complete a presentation for in a group, though......hopefully I can get through that okay. Other than that, not much happening. I know, kinda short, sorry.

Oh, today I went to Sakae again, and I went to Oasis 21, which is this big structure that.....well, I don't know how to explain it. It's mainly an entertainment/shopping venue. I decided to go there because a friend told me they have a "Jump Shop" there, which is basically a store containing products from Shounen Jump series. Naturally I jumped at the chance of that. Later this week I'll make a shorter update showing some of the stuff I bought there. Anyway, look forward to that~! =)
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