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Apparently Not Enough Upgrade

Geez, all of my recent entries seem to be about the Nintendo Wii somehow. Weird.

My HDTV is providing frustrations, and its all Nintendo's fault. I don't get how in this age, XBOX 360 can look great in HD, PS3 can look great in HD, but the Wii can't. Not only does the Wii only go up 480p when it comes to upscaling (in comparison to PS3 which supports all the way up to 1080p), but apparently the Wii does not use anti-aliasing at all, which results in Wii games having smaller problems more noticeable and nearly all edges to be jagged, when played on an HD player. I was playing Twilight Princess earlier, which is already a Gamecube port so I knew it wouldn't look great in HD, but the jaggies, color bleeding and half-assed multiple-level-shading I saw was embarassing. Not horrendous, but embarassing when you compare to XBOX and Playstation. I think I'm finally beginning to realize that one does not buy the Wii for graphics. If you want graphics, get a PS3. I saw my friend's PS3 hooked up to my HD last night and it looked amazing. Just stunning.

There is rumor that Wii may release an HD-compatible Wii in the future, though. All I'm thinking is that they'd better provide a service where you can turn in your old Wii to get it upgraded if they do make this, 'cause I'll be damned to have to stand in line for hours again to get ANOTHER Wii just to make it look good on my HDTV.

And that ends my technical elitist jargon rant. Thank you.
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