June 21st, 2008


遅い! (You're Late!)

Again, just what the title says; except it's about me. I keep meaning to do more updates, but I keep getting lazy. Also, I've just downloaded Team Fortress 2 to my computer so that's really distracting me. (Not to mention the Pyro Update that came out just the other day) And then my brother goes and tells me that I need to download Spore! Man, if I get TWO new games on here I'll never get work done. It's hard enough trying to finish up the presentation I'm doing on Monday....

So, hello guys. We're getting close to about......five weeks left, I think. It's amazing how much time has passed and how fast. This week I'll be talking about a few things that are honestly a bit old because they take place like two weeks ago. They were things that I knew I would do an update about but, as I said, I got distracted. I think in the future I'm not gonna make promises like, "I'll do updates every week," because look at how good a job I'm doing at that.

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