May 13th, 2008


京都へ (Towards Kyoto)

Welcome, everyone, to a special one-day trip edition of my stay in Japan. I’m sorry for updating later than usual – it’s been getting harder to motivate myself to do these updates. I will continue with updates in the future still, but don’t expect any strict deadlines for when I will be making the updates. Anyway, this week I will be describing my trip to Kyoto last Sunday. Pictures will be handled a bit differently this time. Since linking every picture I took in Kyoto to this separately would be extremely tedious (after going through and throwing out some, it came to around 70 pictures), I will provide a link to a sub-album in my Photobucket containing all of my Kyoto images in order, each with short descriptions. I will give the link after my typed description, because the photo descriptions need some backing from what is written here.

余燼のなかで。。。Collapse )
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