November 12th, 2007


It's-a Me, Gamestop

For those of you on my friends' list who pre-ordered Super Mario Galaxy from Gamestop like I did, this may have happened to you as well.

Just this evening, about an hour ago, I got the obligatory call from Gamestop telling me that my game was in and ready to be picked up tomorrow. But is it a regular Gamestop knobgoblin employee that is making the call? No.

It's a pre-recorded message from Mario. Yes, THE Mario, telling me that he's, "so-a happy that you bought-a my new game, Super Mario Galaxy! Woo-hoo~~~!!" and that he, "can't-a wait for you-a to see me in my-a bumblebee suit~!"

From this experience, I've learned two things. One - as much as I love Charles Martinet and the voice of Mario, he should never be allowed to speak an ENTIRE conversation as Mario. And two - being spoken to by Mario over the telephone apparently throws me into a fit of giggles that I cannot get out of for a half-hour. And honestly, it made me even more excited for the game - which my brother will pick up tomorrow, but I will not actually have time to play until the weekend, grr. Also, I'm glad that this call was made to my house tonight and not last night, because otherwise my dad would've answered it and he'd have been SO damn confused. XD

So yeah, there's a random post for the evening.
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