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My Pokemans, Let Me Show You Them

I gots Pokemon Pearl (a week and a half ago). This be my current team and progress:

I seem to have a lot of blues. Currently leveling up my Gabite before taking on the Snowpoint Gym. I have absolutely no reason to do so (an Ice Gym would utterly rape him) - I just feel like it. This definitely isn't my final team, either. The only one there that's assured is Lucario, and the only other one I know I want that I'll get later is Magmortar. Gonna have to think and catch awhile for the other four.

Oh, and I don't really like the 3D environments. It may be a step-up from the 2D Pokemon, but the fact is that it's still mediocre 3D, so when there's a lot of stuff on screen moving around in 3D, you can see small lines moving out of frame occasionaly. I have great eyesight, so I suppose it may just bother me more than others. Doesn't totally ruin the experience - just a slight annoyance. But I do prefer the simpler, 2D feel of the originals. But other than that, EVERYTHING is better. EVERYTHING.
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