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What the hell, Adult Swim?

Okay, you chumps over at Williams Street. Seriously. You can show the entire extended ending for the last episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, but not for Eureka 7? This is totally unacceptable. We all know you hate anime, but you could at least show a little respect for the ones you do decide to air. You're lucky I could look online and figure out what happened after the "One Year Later" title card, or I'd have been even more pissed off. If you're going to show the episode, show the whole damn thing. You could've shortened the op, you know. That's what you did for FMA, right? You guys are just hopeless. I'm just waiting to see how you fuck up Bleach - oh, it hasn't happened yet, but it will.

On the matter of the ending of E7 itself, eh. I liked it well enough. It made me happy and everything, but some of the imagery and dialouge choices were REEEEEEALLY corny. Like "I think I'm gonna gag"-corny. Still, I'm glad it's over with. Fifty episodes is a long time to follow, and it was a good journey.

....but all that, and we NEVER got to find out what the "Seven" means. Weird. Probably just threw it in because everyone thinks the number seven is cool.
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