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Trinity Blood

FINALLY, an episode that doesn't feel all totally whacked up in plot direction. Although I am getting sick of them doing a partial-fadeout in most every frame change rather than just a cut to the next shot like most series do.

CRUSNIK 80% FTW, WAAAARGH. WINGS HOLDING LIGHTNING, AWESOME. Cain FTW also. Albeit brief, hearing Mike be atrociously sinister is so nice.

But hold on, Abel said he promised not to kill. But he's killed vampires in episodes 1 and 2. Not kill only humans? But isn't Van Kamfer a Rozen Croitz? Aren't they all vampires? So shouldn't it have been fine to kill him?? GAH, INCONSISTENCY??! x.x


The "BWA HA HA HA"s sounded a little different then I thought they should've sounded, but whatever. Urahara's VA is still trying too hard to sound laidback. Actually, this was one of the first eps where I LIKED the manga-to-anime transition. Most of the ones before this have just felt weird. But dammit, Stephanie Sheh, please convince the ADR director to let you lower your register some. You sound WAY too much like Eureka everytime you speak.

Eureka 7

Awwwwww, Renton and Eureka are so sweet together. They totally need to kiss now - it's gone on entirely too long for there to be no kisses~. And hurray for Dominic's return!

GOD.FREAKING.DAMMIT TALHO. I swear to god, Talho and Holland are constantly rotating back and forth with me. From the start, they're both self-righteous jackasses who treat Renton unfairly. Then one of them will do something cool or compassionate in some episode and I'm like "Huh, maybe I was wrong about you." But then ONE OR TWO EPISODES LATER THEY DO SOMETHING UNFAIR TO RENTON AGAIN. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS. EITHER MAKE ME HATE YOU OR LIKE YOU! I DON'T APPRECIATE YOU TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS! >O
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