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Pirate Meme. Yar.

LiveJournal Username
Pirate Name
Reason for Piracy
Amount of Available Booty$1,619,216
Your Ship's NameThe Gold Disgrace
Type of ShipGalliot
First Matemustangactor
Cabin Boy *wink wink nudge nudge*terrierlee
Percentage of Sailors who tremble at your name.
Type of PirateToo drunk to pillage
Your fateYou open a really cool restaurant and live happily ever after.
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Coolest. First Mate. Ever. :D

........not even gonna comment on the cabin boy. >>

I find my fate acceptable. At least it makes sense as to being unable to pillage because I'm so drunk. I mean, if you can't pillage, you might as well settle down and start a totally cool restauraunt, right? Yaaaaarrr, and stuff........OI, DO YOU BE CASTING MUTINTY UPON ME, YE NASTY SEADOG?! WHERE BE ME CUTLASS. YARRR. *falls over*

*goes off to bed in real world*
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