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Anime I'm Watching Right Now (Because I Want To Update With SOMETHING...)

At-Home DVDs

Fullmetal Alchemist 12-13: I shouldn't have to say anything about these......most everyone on my friend's list already knows I love the series to death, and FUNi didn't disappoint with the final two DVDs. Now I just have to resist temptation to buy the movie DVD before the LE comes out in November. >>

Jinki: Extend 1: This was something I watched in anime club last year, and I got to hear the dub for the first time today. Aoba was good(the best of the cast in my opinion), Genta was good, Kawamoto was good, Akao was good, and Shizuka was good, but I wasn't too hot on a lot of the other characters. Ryohei didn't sound as gruff as he should be......he actually sounded kinda OLDER than he should be. Luci Christian wasn't exactly BAD as Rui (though she did sound almost exactly like Wrath, not that that's bad), but I hated Rui so much already that no voice could save her on my part. But what really makes me said is the loss of "Ao-baka" in the translation. Instead it was "Ao-bimbo." Granted, it was inevitable, since there's no word in English that starts with "ba" that is also a synonym for "idiot", but still........"Ao-bimbo" makes me cry. D= (On another subject, I'm kind of glad that we don't see a lot of Aoba's grandmother.......whoever was voicing her obviously was not good at voicing old women, as it sounded VERY forced.)

Blue Gender Complete Box Set: Wow, I forgot how good a story this series had when I watched it on Adult Swim those years ago. It's a shame that there are so few current series with a good story like that AND good animation. It's also interesting to see FUNi's earlier work. They weren't as good with matching lip flaps back then (either that or Chris Sabat, who directed BG, just didn't see the need to worry about them too much), but the translation for this series is superb. It's almost exactly like the original in a way that doesn't sound forced or awkward. And although I love Eric Vale in evil roles, it's always great to hear him running around screaming his lungs out in the first few episodes of this show. XD

Anime Club (only the stuff that we watch every week)

Zero no Tsukaima: Okay, I name this series the inevitable "cliche" series of this semester's anime club. There ALWAYS has to be one. Cliche - academy of magical boys and girls. Cliche - a big breasted girl who is a bitch and picks on the other main female character for horribly stupid reasons. Cliche - a feminine looking guy who always carries around a rose and is a ladies' man. Cliche - a mystical ceremony that involves a kiss (Why do mystical ceremonies in anime always involve KISSING? Why not a dance or something? Or just an incantation? Oh, though this one has an incantation and THEN a kiss). Cliche - a young boy finds himself in a strange new world where nothing is as it seems and there are strange happenings! (insert fake spooky noises here) Cliche - the main female character beats on the main male character for horrible reasons when the male obviously did nothing wrong. But one of the worst things is, the male character is called SAITO. And as far as I'm concerned, Saito should be reserved for characters that look cool. This guy does NOT look that cool. >O

Still, it's kinda interesting, and Episode 2 gave me a bit of hope for the show. Doesn't change the fact that it's horribly cliche, though. :p

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Wa ha ha...now this is a series I can get used to~! I'll say it straight out: Kyon's narration is genius. If it weren't for Kyon, this series wouldn't be half as funny as it is. He's just so...blunt, and matter-of-fact about everything - it contrasts so well with Haruhi's erratic persona. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of this one~ :D
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