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Adult Swim's "Bloody Saturday"

Trinity Blood:

I already saw this at Otakon, but it was still awesome. Troy Baker is slowly making his way into my favorite group of FUNi actors, as he captures every aspect we've seen of Abel so far perfectly. Amber Cotton as Jessica was cute, even though at different times she sounded like both Caitlin AND Colleen. But then again, considering how JAPANESE voice actresses sound, it's nothing to complain about. Eric Vale was awesome as an evil guy as always, and Chris Sabat had a nice little one-liner as Tres (Gunslinger). Most of the Vatican people were good too, but even though I was okay with it since hearing it at Ota, Greg's Pope will take some more getting used to. It's just, I dunno.........Greg + Pope = DOES NOT COMPUTE, in normal terms. XD All in all, awesome. And I don't care about these things I've heard about the ending just cutting off in the middle of a storyline because of the original mangaka dying - I'll be following this one.


Hmm.......well, it WAS better than Naruto's dub. Johnny was very good as Ichigo, however, at some scenes he just sounded too........nice. Other than that I found no problems with his performance. Rukia was good after hearing her for a whole episode, and Isshin was good, but I wasn't so hot on the other main character voices. Yuzu's fits the character, but it's rather annoying. So, I guess in that case, that's more of a "character" complaint, not a voice complaint. And Karin........well, as talented an actress as Kate Higgins is, her being someone like Karin just doesn't seem right. I'm sure she COULD pull it off, but from what I got from this episode, it sounded like the wrong tone. And Kon. WTF, KON, WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU?! It surprised me enough that Bleach does one of those 'skewed character interaction preview' things, AND that Kon appeared in it (which I guess Ichigo was just as surprised about XD), but his VOICE. I can't imagine his voice sounded like that in the original, because when I think Kon, I think of a higher pitched, annoying voice. What I heard last night was a medium-lower pitched, surfer annoying voice. o_o Wtf, that isn't Kon at all. I really hope that this is just, like, the VA experimenting with the character and by now he's gotten the right tone, because otherwise, BAD CASTING CHOICE, VIZ. >( In any case, it was much better for episode one than the Naruto dub was at episode one. I'll keep going with it, of course.

Eureka 7:

Holy crap. Holy crap. I already liked this show, but it just got like 10 times better. :O Holland went down off my hate list a little for not yelling at Renton for taking out the Nirvash, but............holy, holy crap. Renton pulled a freakin' Shinji. :O I like also how they have Renton say "To be continued!" at the end only when he's in a mood where he would want to say it. It's a clever touch.
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