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From AnimeOnDVD's Advanced Review of FMA 13...

The extras continue to be along what's considered standard for most releases. These include the usual suspects such as the textless songs, the character profiles and art gallery material. A few new pieces do show up for the finale though and make use of that space that a fourth episode would use. The first of which is a new commentary track by the ADR director for the last episode...

*happy noise* Mike definitely picked the best episodes for the final two commentaries....first 25, now 51. Though, considering the episode, it would make sense to have him with Vic and Aaron again.........which I don't mind, but they already did a commentary for Episode 19. Maybe we'll get Lyra and one of the Homunculi? Lyra and Envy? Hmm......I still wanted to hear a commentary with Lust and Gluttony, but oh well. >>

I sure am glad it's only gonna be a few weeks until the rest of the DVDs get released. I couldn't stand to wait the original 2-month release pattern FUNi was previously using anymore. x_x
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