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Back From Otakon

I'll have a full report up later or tomorrow. First I'd like to get something off my chest.

Whenever FUNi lisences a new series (such as School Rumble at Otakon), I am getting SICK, and TIRED, of these certain video transfer purists on a certain forum always complaining "Oh no, FUNi got it, we're gonna get crap video quality". To those people, I say:


We get it. FUNi's video quality was not perfect at first. FMA volumes 1-4 had some compression issues or whatever. But guess what, they fixed those problems, which by the way, I never saw. Volumes 1-4 look absolutely beautiful on the TVs in my house. Only when played on my flat screen comp do a few problems show themselves, but of course, that is because DVDs are meant for TVs, not computers.

But maybe I'm wrong - maybe the video quality WILL be crap. Sure, every other FUNi property I've collected up to now has had beautiful quality, but maybe the next one won't! If such is the case, why do you complain before you even SEE the fucking final transfer?! WAIT five months, buy volume 1 of School Rumble, and if THEN, after watching it on your big screen TV that plays everything from ADV and Geneon so god-damn-fucking-tasticly well (by the way, the one Geneon series I've started collecting looks atrocious on my computer) with your face pressed up against the screen so you can see every bit of bitmapping detail......if THEN you find the video quality to suck, THEN go start complaining.

Otakon was fantastic, by the way. More on that later. =)
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